Kabareskrim Mabes Polri Mengaku Didukung Panja Pencurian Pulsa

Pulse tracing theft investigation, the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters claims made ​​supported by panitian Work (Panja) theft of credit-led House of Representatives Tantowi Yahya.

Head of Criminal Investigation, Commissioner General Pol. Sutarman said its investigation to get the supervision and support from Toll Theft Committee. And give tribute to him after revealing the evidence and determine witness.

"Panja pulse monitor and support us. And when I described how I retrieve the data, taking of evidence, and to establish a witness, he hormatlah with us. It's hard not easy," said Sutarman at the AGO, Jakarta, Thursday (22/3 / 2012).

Difficulties in conducting investigations related to the theft of this pulse is checked because not only common digital forensics, but done in a very large server.

"Not only do digital forensics, it's such a great server, then I must calculate loctus, and tempus dilikte. When the product is launched, it was later located, how many there are in position, but it's big as a server," he explained.

Three-star General of Police, said that the visa penyelidikat not arbitrary, because it can interfere with activities of employees of operators and content providers do not work again.

"If we are careless, I could lift the server then they do not work right. Well we'll find her eating that way but it does not interfere with activity. Since the operators are not too well, because the agreement with the operator, then comes the content provider, launching the product CP and accessible to the public, well this is a great product, not playing. Trillions duitnya entering it, "he concluded.

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